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Summer is finally here so here are a few quick tips to keep those extensions looking their best.

My Top Five Tips:

  1. Don’t use any sunscreen with Avobenzone (Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane) or Octocrylene as it can turn your blonde or lighter extensions orange.
  2. Going to dunk your head in the pool or ocean? Chlorine and salt is not hair friendly so my favorite way to keep extensions (and your natural hair) safe is this:
    • get your hair completely wet with non chlorinated water first
    • coat it with conditioner from mids to ends
    • put it in twists or a loose twist bun
    • no braids!
  3. Hats hats hats. Protect your hair from UV bleaching with a cute hat.
  4. Use Davines SU milk and OI oil on the midlengths and ends for extra hydration and UV protection.
  5. Immediately wash hair with a cleansing shampoo after getting into the pool or ocean. SOLU is my favorite cleansing shampoo.
    • Use the SU hair mask from mids to ends to nourish and hydrate.

Be sure to save this post to reference back to this summer (especially which sunscreen ingredients to avoid) and share with your extension friends!

Have any questions or comments?  Leave them below!

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