Over the past nine years, I have become passionate about the teaching part of my career, that is teaching you, my client, all the beauty tips and tricks of my trade. Not only do I want to give you beautiful hair and glowing skin, I want to teach you how to achieve and maintain your looks at home.

my job,



my passion

I truly care about the health of your skin and hair. I truly care about helping you how to achieve the best version of yourself, and I truly care about creating a long-term relationship with you, my client.

miss n:

The salon itself is just beautiful and calming. The natural light, the plants and the outdoor green space with the birds, squirrels and bunnies add so much to the experience. Not to mention Natasha is just great. It may be Sioux Fall’s best kept secret!

"Best KEPT

miss l:

JGMG is a salon unlike anything I’ve ever gone to and Natasha is magnificent. She has extensive education, is passionate about what she does and truly cares about you and the health of your hair.

"Unlike anything
i have ever
gone to."


Natasha loves what she does and it shows in the love she puts into making your hair look gorgeous! I can’t get enough of her studio. It’s totally my style & I enjoy the feel of relaxation while I’m there.

"Natasha loves
what she does."

miss d:

miss k:

You’re the best! I love how genuine you are and how much you care about helping me look my best!! 


hair services

refine, refresh, retreat®
in a tranquil atmosphere with my special take on hair & skin services


skin services

During every haircut, I will conduct a consultation where we discuss your hair goals, look at inspiration photos, address any hair issues, formulate an amazing homecare routine and match it all to your lifestyle. You will also get to experience my signature scalp massage! Ages 8+



Whether it is a sunkissed balayage, seamless babylights, or solid blend, I like my client's hair to look gorgeous and modern. All of my color services are customized and my techniques are kept up to date through continuing education. Like my haircuts, all my color services start off with a thorough consultation so I can find the best color for your lifestyle. Consultation required for all new color clients. Ages 8+

beautiful & healthy


provide needed health and wellness to the hair and scalp


Purifying - for oily and dry dandruff

Rebalancing - rebalancing and normalizing treatment for greasy scalp

Detoxifying - revitalizing and deep detoxifying treatment for scalp lacking tone

Calming - soothing treatment for sensitive scalp

Energizing - thickening and energizing treatment for fragile scalp and hair prone to falling out

Replumping and Moisturizing - deeply moisturizing treatment for all hair types




longevity facial

The perfect antidote to rejuvenate stress skin and to specifically contrast accelerated aging. This facial will rejuvenate the skin and leave you feeling recharged and ready to face your busy days. Not suggested for those with sensitive skin or those with Melasma.

detox facial

The perfect antidote for everyone to detox the skin from pollution and to specifically contrast impurities and imperfections. Ideal also to keep sebum production under control and establish the optimal level of hydration. Your skin and mind are detoxified and reinvigorated.

urban glow

The perfect antidote for everyone to detox the skin from pollution and to specifically contrast impurities and imperfections. 60 min Spa Treatment

60 Min Spa Treatment

15 min Treatment

hydra facial

A deeply hydrating, antioxidant treatment for face, neck, and decollete. Leave the skin hydrated and silky. Restores compactness, nourishment and luminosity, contrasts dehydration and premature aging. 

soothing facial

Renewing, strengthenig and soothing treatment, fragrance-free, recommended for skins which are sensitive, fragile, and prone to redness. Smooths and restores the protective skin barrier through a delicated dermal-affinity action.

60 Min Spa Treatment

30 Min Express & 60 min Spa Treatment

30 Min Express & 60 min Spa Treatment

become a
new client

let's do this

Thank you for your interest in becoming a new client! All new haircolor clients, are required to complete a consultation prior to booking a haircolor appointment.

It is important to note that while I love taking on new hair guests, I am looking for long term clients who are willing to invest in a long term client/stylist relationship. If you are looking to bounce around or get your hair done once, I may not be the stylist for you. It is super important to me to invest in my guests and I want to make sure I can build on or properly maintain what we accomplish in our appointments. Thank you so much for checking me out and being interested in me becoming your hairstylist. It's an honor and I appreciated you!

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