About Natasha

Hairstylist & Beauty Coach.
Professional Daydreamer.
Mother & Aquaman's Wife.

Striving for balance & harmony.

Here's little about me, but I guarantee I'm more interested about you! Let's find something in common!

Guess what?

My Journey

I never wanted to be a hairstylist.

If someone would have told me I would be a hairstylist when I was a wee tom boy riding my dirt bike with the guys, I would have been shocked. Now that I'm here, there is no other career I'd rather have!
Sooo how did I get here? Let's dive on in!

After a quick general studies stint at SDSU, I decided to get my AAS Degree in Therapeutic Massage. I loved it but after an internship at a local spa I quickly realized I wanted to make more of a connection with people and not be in a dark room all day. My mom brilliantly (although I thought otherwise at the time) tells me about going to Stewart's and how I could combine esthetics with the massage. I thought:

"Are you kidding me? Beauty school? Absolutely not!"

Well, my mom didn't give up. She drove me to the school and signed me up for the cosmetology program while I stubbornly sat in the car.

After a couple months, and to my surprise, I ended up loving hair! I dove right in, became a full time stylist, and never looked back.

Thanks, Mom.


01. Identical twin mom (mono-di, all-natural) plus one

02. I moved to Mexico to be with my now husband.

03. Former Boudoir

04. I'm a red wine kind of gal!

05. You can take me camping, hiking, rock climbing anyday.