I can't wait to meet you!

One of my favorite things about what I do is welcoming you into the space and helping you feel your best by the time you leave.

How to Prepare

Where to find me

Essential right? Details below!

How to prep your hair

Just a few tips on how I prefer hair to be prepared so we can get the best color results and maximize our time.

Hair tips, regimens, & more

Ask me anything! I don't gate-keep with my clients :) I love putting together regimens and giving tips so you can achieve your best hair possible.

What to Expect

Wardrobe tips

No turtle necks, please :)


Relax with a drink on me!

You're going to love it here

Relaxing Environment

Personalized Services

Scalp Massages

High Quality Products

Warm Towels

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Where to
Find Me

1608 W 2nd St.
Sioux Falls, SD 57104

I am located in my own building just south of the Denny Sanford Premier center and have my own parking lot. Feel free to park in any open spot and use the north door of the building to enter the salon.

How To Prepare Your Hair

Freshly Washed

Fully Dry

Tangle Free

While I prefer every client to come with clean, dry, tangle free hair, so we can get the best possible results, I understand life happens. As long as you don't come with wet or greasy, tangled (having to detangle hair wastes valuable service time), gel caked hair, a thick layer of dry shampoo, or your greys covered with those grey root sprays , waxes or powders, I will be ready to pamper you and make you feel amazing.


Currently stocking:

• La Croix Pamplemousse
• Bottled Water
• Nespresso Coffee (regular & decaf)
• Tea (vanilla bean macaroon)

Always Feel free to bring in your own drinks AND snacks



Every stylist's nightmare is a turtleneck, our worst nightmare is a white turtleneck. lol Please no turtlenecks.

If you have dangly earrings on when you sit in my chair, I'll have you take them off so I don't accidentally snag one.

If I am styling your hair for a special event, the best top to wear it a button up or a tank top that is super easy to take off without disturbing your hair.

Hair Tips
and Regimens

I love giving drying, curling, washing, straightening detangling, and any other tips for hair you can think of.

I'll even put together a hair regimen for you and help you in any other way I can! I want you to succeed in all your hair goals.

Scheduling Tips

How do I reschedule an appointment?

You can reschedule or adjust your appointment online HERE.
**Please remember you must adjust, cancel, reschedule 72 hrs in advance to avoid a fee.

How to book my next appointment?

The best way to book your next appointment is before you leave the salon as I can guide you as to which service(s) is needed and ensure we have enough time for your goals. You can also email me, or you can head to my online booking site HERE.

During our appointments, I will go through future service options with you so you have a good idea on what to book in the future.

**Please remember to add on a haircut to your color if you are wanting one. This again ensures I have enough time to pamper you and give you top service when you are here.

See You


Should you have any questions in the meantime, please reach out!