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I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, a deep desire to be creative, and the eargerness to make everyone person who sits in my chair feel and look amazing.

Continuing education is extremely important to me. To achieve the colors you see today, it takes multiple techniques in one sitting. I consistently stay up to date by taking multiple hair classes a year so I can continue to refine my skills and give you the best hair I can. Don't be surprised if I start "nerding out" on something while you are in my chair. haha

Having a tranquil atmosphere to be creative and pamper clients in was a top priority. I was tired of the same old salon look and wanted a unique space for you to retreat from every day life. I hope that when you walk into my salon you are able to feel the difference in the atmosphere and have a relaxing experience. View the salon here.


Hair Goals

Take Time

Building on your haircolor and remaining consistent is the key to giving you those hair goals. This can take a few sessions or more depending on your desired color and where you are starting from. I will be there to guide you through all the steps.

Some other things you can expect from me are high quality products, bond builders when needed, and my professional guidance when I know a certain color will damage your hair or isn't achievable. Because...

Healthy hair is beautiful hair.

RECENT specialty WORK:

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Are you accepting new Clients?

Yes! I am accepting new client applications. It is important to note that while I love taking on new hair guests, I am looking for long term clients who are willing to invest in a long term client/style relationship. If you are looking to bounce around or get your hair done once, I may not be the stylist for you. It is super important to me to be able to invest in my guests and I want to make sure I can build on or properly maintain what we accomplish in our appointments.

What days do you work?

I am currently working Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Appointments times can start at 9:00 am and must finish by 5:00 pm.

What types of extensions do you offer?

I offer custom extension services. What does this mean? It means that my application is completely tailored to your hair, scalp type, and lifestyle. I use a variety of extensions methods (hand-tied, invisible bead, keratin bond aka k-tip, and tape-ins) to give you the best look and customized service I can. I only use high quality (human) hair and source it from multiple distributors for the most natural looking texture and color blends.

To find out if you are a good extension candidate and what type would work best for your hair type/lifestyle, please book an in-person consult here.

What are your prices?

Every color and extension service is customized and tailored to your hair type/length and goals so pricing is also customized.

Here are some starting prices for my services:
Grey Retouch + Gloss appointments start at $132.
Maintenance or mini custom color appointments start at $169. These are shorter, refresher services booked a few times a year in-between larger appointments. These appointments are not enough time for changes.
Full custom color sessions start at $245. These sessions are where we can make changes to your hair color and are often booked once or twice a year (but truly depends on your color goals and lifestyle).
Haircuts are $60 when added on to a color appointment. Stand alone haircut appointments come with a treatment or gloss and start at $70.

Are you the right stylist for me?

I would be a GREAT stylist for you if:

You want a boost of confidence and relaxing experience.

You appreciate a thorough consultation process.

You like getting suggestions for the best color/cut for your face shape, skin tone, and lifestyle.

You are looking for a long-term client/stylist relationship.

You understand the importance of sessions and don't mind longer appointment times.

You trust that I have your best hair interest at heart and am very skilled/knowledgeable in my craft.

You love getting hair tips and putting custom hair regimens/product together for you.

You would appreciate it if I suggested an alternative color/solution if I feel the integrity of your hair or scalp could come into question.

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